PokerStars India App & Account Information

1. What is the new update on the PokerStars product?

PokerStars India has now joined hands with Junglee Poker and share the same product and liquidity. This will allow players in India to have a more customized experience catering to their preference.

2. How do I update the app and retrieve my PokerStars India account?

For Windows and Android:

For iOS:

Once you’ve installed the updated app, log in with your registered mobile number after OTP verification. Make sure that you allow location permission as that is a mandatory step to continue playing real money games. Please note, that login functionality with email id and password is not available on the updated PokerStars India app.

3. Will my original PokerStars username, data and balance be transferred and available on the updated PokerStars India app?

Yes, all your data and balances will be available on the new PokerStars India app. In case you face any issue while logging in or if there is any mismatch in your data like username, wallet balance, TDS history or you do not remember your registered mobile number, please reach out to our support team on [email protected]. Kindly mention your PokerStars username, mobile number, email id and specify the issue along with the screenshot of the error message.

4. Is there a provision to update the username on the updated app?

Yes, you can update your username but it’s only allowed once. So, please choose a username carefully before updating the same.

5. Will I need to do my KYC verification again on the new app?

Yes, KYC verification is mandatory on the updated app with your Aadhar card for all financial transactions. Please make sure that your documents are in the correct format as stated on the app.

6. What happened to my star coins, unopened chest, t-money , tourney tickets ?

All your star coins, unopened chest, t- money and tournament tickets are converted to equivalent cash and the same has been added to your PokerStars India account and will be available under your wallet balance after you update the app.


1. Can I access and play the same tournament and cash games from both PokerStars and JungleePoker?

You cannot join the same cash game table or tournament from both the apps. In case of tournaments, if you bust you’ll need to re-enter from the same app. For cash games, you can join the games from both the apps but you’ll be seated on different tables.
You can simultaneously play from both the apps but you won’t be able to join the same tournament or cash game table.

2. Is the rake structure for cash game tables different for both the apps? Is there any change in the rake structure from the previous PokerStars India app?

The rake structure for cash games is the same for both PokerStars and Junglee Poker. There are few changes on the rake structure. Kindly refer to for more details.

3. Are player notes/tags available on the new PokerStars client?

Player notes/color tags as a feature is available on the new PokerStars app. However, you will not be able to retrieve the old notes/color tags from the previous PokerStars India platform.

4. Are all the game variants available on the new PokerStars app?

We currently have NLH, PLO (4,5,&6), Tournaments (major format & variants) and Sit & Gos available. Spin n Go will be made available soon.

5. Is the Game Integrity same as PokerStars?

Yes, we are part of the Flutter family and follow strict adherence to Game Integrity principles to maintain the sanctity of all games that we run.

6. How many tables can I play at a time on the new app?

Currently, we have a limit of 5 tables on the desktop app (3 cash tables + 2 tournaments) and 3 tables on the mobile app. We’ll increase the table limits on the desktop app soon.

7. There are a lot of features, game variants that are currently missing on the new app?

Some of the features like custom bet options, table themes, multi flight tournaments, desktop enhancements and other game variants will be released soon.

Deposits / Cashouts / TDS

1. What’s the withdrawal limit on the new PokerStars app?

You can withdraw up to 100k per day and 1 transaction is allowed per day.

2. What’s the deposit limit on the new PokerStars app?

You can deposit 100k per transaction. There’s no limit on the number of transactions in a day.

3. How much time does it take to process the withdrawals?

The withdrawals are usually processed within 3-4 hours from the time of placing the withdrawal once they are approved.

4. How will the TDS be calculated?

TDS will be calculated on Net Winnings. Any net winnings greater than 0 will attract a 30% TDS charged on withdrawal. You can check your TDS free withdrawal amount in the cashier on the TDS statement section.

5. Will there be an auto TDS deduction at the end of the financial year?

Yes, there’ll be an auto TDS deduction at the end of the financial year and the ledger will be reset on 31st March ‘24. All balances will be carried forward after necessary tax deductions.


1. Will I receive a welcome bonus on the new PokerStars India app?

You can avail the Welcome Bonus offer only if you are a new registered player on PokerStars India App.

2. Can I avail the referral bonus for referring a friend to the app?

Yes, check out our refer a friend program to know more.

3. Will the other promos such as Daily Leader Boards, Rakeback Challenges, Tournament Series etc. running on Junglee Poker be available on the new PokerStars India app?

Yes, most of the promotions that are available on the Junglee Poker app will be available on the new PokerStars India app. However, we will also introduce new or different promotions in the coming months.

4. Can we expect PokerStars to run its flagship tournament series?

Yes, we plan to run the previously available tournament series such as MicroMillions, Diwali Rush, Bounty Builder Series, INCOOP etc on the new PokerStars app. Lookout for the announcements.

5. Will there be a Stars Rewards or Loyalty program available?

Currently, we are not providing a loyalty program on the new PokerStars app. But it’ll be available in the future .